domain name centralization

Domain name centralization is a key component of the Lexsynergy domain management service. It makes the management of your global domain name portfolio more efficient and cost-effective and affords it a much stronger level of online protection.

Greater online brand protection...

By centralizing the management of your global domain names portfolio, you are able to better protect your online brand against trade mark infringement, anti-competitive behaviour, web traffic diversion and other online scams.

...and more efficient domain name management

Domain name centralization also makes the management of your global domain name portfolio easier, less expensive and more effective. With everything under one roof, monitoring performance and risk is much more straightforward.

The centralization process, which involves transferring domain names administrated by several different registrars or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to Lexsynergy, is coordinated by a dedicated account manager, who will also ensure that your Whois (the domain name database) records are accurate and consistent.

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