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Rights-holders Can Secure Their .UK For Free For Two Years 15th Aug 17

Have you secured the .uk domains that are being reserved for you? Registrants who own a domain that was registered prior to June 2014, have the matching .uk domain on reserve for them until 10 June 2019. After this date, the domain will be released to the public. For a limit...

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August Webinar: Registering Domains In Com... 15th Aug 17

Does your company struggle with domain registrations in complex, foreign markets? Lexsynergy's next webinar will review the regist...

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Lexsynergy Premium Account Service 15th Aug 17

Lexsynergy is excited to announce the launch of our new Premium Account service. Over the next few months, Lexsynergy will be roll...

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.KE Launched Second Level Registrations on... 4th Aug 17

The Kenyan ccTLD operator KENIC will launch second level .ke domain names on 23 July with a 90 day Sunrise period for trademark ho...

Read More Recovered Via UDRP 2nd Aug 17

Paperless Inc, represented by Lexsynergy Limited, recently recovered the domain name from a German based competit...

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Buyer Beware: Brands Are Suffering From Co... 18th Jul 17

Brands, particularly global brands, are under attack from abuse online and this includes abuse through the domain name system. Sec...

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Have Your Say On Future Of .EU 15th Jun 17

The European Commission has opened a consultation to determine if the existing policies and regulations around .eu are still fit f...

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.STUDY, .SCIENCE and .RACING Have The High... 15th Jun 17

These three new gTLDs have approximately 318,000 registrations between them out of a total of 26.9 million, but have the highest c...

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.ART Off To A Solid Start 14th Jun 17

General Availability commenced for the .art new gTLD on 10 May 2017, and going by statistics from, the gTLD had a su...

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.ASIA Opening Up To The World 14th Jun 17

Looming eligibility changes to the .asia TLD will mean any person or individual anywhere in the world will be able to register a ....

Read More Redesign 17th May 17

Did you notice that things look a little different here? We’d like to introduce you to the new and improved! We’...

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Welcome to Lexsynergy Media, the best resource for monthly webinars, podcast appearances, as well as print and digital media featuring the Lexsynergy Team.

Lexsynergy Webinar Series – New Domain Names, Familiar Risks

In the first installment of Lexsynergy's monthly webinar series, Lexsynergy's CEO Daniel Greenberg explores the basics of online brand protection, then goes in-depth to explain the Trade Mark Clearing House (TMCH), the Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) and how to assert your mark in local markets.

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Lexsynergy Webinar Series - Banking on .Bank

Learn about the full registration and verification process for a .BANK domain name. Let Lexsynergy help you with your .BANK registration. Contact us today: +1 858 225 1318 (US) +44 20 313 70459 (UK) +27 10 500 3913 (ZA)

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Lexsynergy Webinar Series - Geographic Extensions

In our second webinar installment, we will investigate what impact geography and language are having in the new domain name marketplace. With nearly 13 percent of all registrations in the new domain name extensions coming from extensions designed for cities, federal states and geographic / cultural regions, Lexsynergy CEO Daniel Greenberg examines the increased risk to brand holders and what defense strategies they should consider.

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