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UDRP Case Analysis: Bloomberg Finance L.P. Denied Claim 24th Aug 18

As a leader in domain disputes, Lexsynergy keeps a close eye on UDRP decisions, especially when a trade mark owner's claim is denied. In April 2018 Bloomberg Finance L.P. submitted a UDRP complaint to recover the domain which was register...

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New Launches: .PAGE and .SPORT 22nd Aug 18

Two new extensions are launching soon and will be available to register at Lexsynergy: .PAGE Sunrise Details Sunrise dates:...

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.NG Pricing Updates 22nd Aug 18

The .NG registry recently announced two changes to their pricing structure: 1) .NG transfers are now free and do NOT include a ...

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Brexit Update: No Deal Is A Big Deal 22nd Aug 18

The official Brexit date of 29 March 2019 is just over six months away and lawmakers are still scrambling to create a deal for Bri...

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Tips For Securing Your Lexsynergy Account 21st Aug 18

At Lexsynergy our goal is to protect your domains and, to help us do that, we ask that you periodically review your Lexsynergy acc...

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Lexsynergy Webinar Series: Registering Dom... 21st Aug 18

Lexsynergy's next webinar will be a comprehensive look at registering domains in Africa. The African ccTLD landscape is complex, r...

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Absa Uses Rebrand to Launch ABSA.AFRICA 20th Aug 18

A rebrand this bold takes true africanacity.

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NTIA: GDPR is an “unmitigated victory for ... 31st Jul 18

Last week the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Assistant Secretary David Redl spoke at the Intern...

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.קום (.com in Hebrew) Now Available To Tra... 31st Jul 18

Hebrew IDN for .com is now available to trade mark owners. The .קום Sunrise Phase runs from 30 July 2018 - 4 September 2018. ...

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Lexsynergy Webinar: Startups and Domains -... 18th Jul 18

If you missed our webinar today, you can watch a recording on our YouTube channel. Lexsynergy's Brand Protection Specialist Sunny ...

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Lexsynergy Now Accepts Tanzanian Shillings 11th Jul 18

To better serve our clients in Tanzania, Lexsynergy is expanding its local office in Tanzania and now accepts payment in Tanzanian ...

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Moving Domain Providers

Are your domains scattered across multiple registrars? Do you think the process of transferring your domains to a new provider will create excessive work for you? This webinar reviews how simple it is to centralise all your domains with Lexsynergy. We handle all the work and once your portfolio is centralised you will manage your domains more efficiently, strategically and cost-effectively. Fun fact: companies that transfer their domains to Lexsynergy can save up to 40% on their annual domain renewal fees. For assistance with transferring domains, contact us today: +1 858 225 1318 (US) +44 20 313 70459 (UK) +27 10 500 3913 (ZA)

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Webinar: Managing Domains In The Health Industry

Our October webinar focuses on domain management within the health industry. We review tips and strategies that are specific to health and medical professionals including doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, insurance agencies and service providers. Learn about new domain extensions such as .health, .doctor, .clinic and .pharmacy. To learn more about creating a domain strategy, contact us today: +1 858 225 1318 (US) +44 20 313 70459 (UK) +27 10 500 3913 (ZA)

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Lexsynergy Webinar - Registering Domains In Complex TLDs

This webinar reviews the registration process for complex ccTLDs and how Lexsynergy can help simplify this process. Requirements such as a local presence, local trademark, and manual paperwork can make a domain registration both confusing and time-consuming. We will help make sense of it all and break it down into easy, actionable steps. For assistance with registering a foreign domain, contact us today: +1 858 225 1318 (US) +44 20 313 70459 (UK) +27 10 500 3913 (ZA)

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