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.ART Off To A Solid Start

14th Jun 2017 21:03

General Availability commenced for the .art new gTLD on 10 May 2017, and going by statistics from, the gTLD had a successful Sunrise period with 2,658 registrations. In the weeks since, registrations have grown to 8,800.
Registrations have come from a wide range of galleries and museums around the world. Some of those to have registered .art domain names to date are the Tate, Louvre, The Georges Pompidou Center, Guggenheim, Moscow Multimedia Art Museum and MAXXI as well as the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg (Germany), Heard Museum (US) and many others.
When registering their domain names, some have secured their full brand names, such as or, but others have registered acronyms, such as by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMoMA).
The .art operators want to work with their registrants to push different and innovative uses.
“As more museums are joining, .ART will collaborate with them to invent new digital services to promote exiting collections, display digital art and create museum-level projects in a relatively new field of Art+Tech”, says Ulvi Kasimov, .ART founder and venture investor.

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