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Webinar Series

#10 "Resolving Domain Name Disputes"

On this webinar, we discuss the process of resolving a domain dispute via outlets such as the UDRP and URS.

Watch the webinar on YouTube HERE

#9 "New gTLD Update"

This webinar we discuss the new gTLD program including its successes, risk areas, potential growth for the future and how it is relevant to brand owners moving forward.

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#8 "Brexit"

This webinar focuses on how Brexit may affect our client's domain management and online brand protection strategies.

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#7 ".SUCKS Panelist"

 A panel of industry experts discuss the controversial dotSucks extension.

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#6 "Intro to .INSURANCE"

Learn about the full registration and verification process for a .INSURANCE domain name.

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#5 "Internationalized Domain Names"

This webinar provides a comprehensive guide to understanding Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). Lexsynergy's Founder and Director, Daniel Greenberg, presents an overview of the IDN program and the importance of establishing an IDN strategy. Daniel is joined by Alex Lee, the General Manager of the .商标 (.trademark) Registry.

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#4 "The Risky and Frisky TLDs"

This webinar focuses on the new group of “risky and frisky” TLDs. It covers TLDs which have already launched including .sucks, .gripe, .reviews, .porn, .adult and the upcoming launch of .sex. Learn about the importance of protecting your brand within these “high-risk” TLDs and what should and shouldn't be done when navigating this minefield.

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#3 "Banking on .BANK"

Learn about the full registration and verification process for a .BANK domain name.

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#2 "Geographic Extensions and the Relevance of City TLDs"

In this webinar installment, we investigate what impact geography and language are having in the new domain name marketplace. With nearly 13 percent of all registrations in the new domain name extensions coming from extensions designed for cities, federal states and geographic / cultural regions, Lexsynergy CEO Daniel Greenberg examines the increased risk to brand holders and what defense strategies they should consider.

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#1 "New Domain Names, Familiar Risks"

Lexsynergy's CEO Daniel Greenberg explores the basics of online brand protection, then goes in-depth to explain the Trade Mark Clearing House (TMCH), the Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) and how to assert your mark in local markets.

Watch the webinar on YouTube HERE.

Radio, Television and Podcasts

Crazy Country Code Domains with Daniel Greenberg – Domain Name Wire Podcast #8

Lexsynergy's Daniel Greenberg joins the Domain Name Wire Podcast, hosted by domain industry expert Andrew Allemann, to discuss dealing with "challenging" country code TLDs, brand protection strategies for emerging markets, and some “common sense” principles every brand holders should consider for the new domain name market.

Listen or download at http://traffic.libsyn.com/domainnamewire/DNW008.mp3
Subscribe to the Domain Name Wire podcast on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/domain-name-wire-podcast/id934519368

Interview with Domain Sherpa - 7 Steps to Protect Your Trademarks from Domain Name Cybersquatters

Lexsynergy's founder and director, Daniel Greenberg, recently shared some of his domain name insight and expertise with Michael Cyger of Domain Sherpa. In the interview Daniel goes into depth about creating an effective strategy to protect a trademark from competitors and domain name cybersquatters.

The full interview can be viewed here - http://www.domainsherpa.com/daniel-greenberg-lexsynergy-interview/