Accreditations and Affiliations

Organisation TLDs
AERO - SITA Inc B.V. aero
Afilias info, mobi, pro, red, blue, pink, kim, shiksha, 移动, bio, black, organic, archi, green, lgbt, vote, voto, poker, ski, lotto, bet, pet, promo, 网站, llc
AFNIC, fr, re, tf, yt, pm, wf,, paris, corsica, museum
AM am
Amazon moi, 家電, クラウド, 食品, ストア, ファッション, 書籍, セール, bot
Amsterdam BV amsterdam
Art - UK Creative Ideas Ltd art
Asia Organisation asia
Austria at,,
Barcelona barcelona
BERLIN GmbH berlin
Bible Society bible
Boston Ivy markets, trading, spreadbetting, cfd, forex, broker
Burundi bi,,,
BusinessRalliart inc. okinawa, ryukyu
bz bz
BZH bzh
Central African Republic cf
CentralNic,,,,,,,,,,, la,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wiki, ink, bar, rest,, design, college, love, fans, rent, reit, basketball, rugby, icu, coop
Channel Isles,, gg, je,
Club club
cm - Netcom cm,,,
CNNIC cn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 公司, 中国, 网络,,, 信息,
CoCCA af,,,,,, cx, gs, gy, hn, ht, ki,,, tl,, sb,
Directi pw
DNS Belgium be, brussels, vlaanderen
Dominion Registries yachts, boats, homes, autos, motorcycles
DomReg lt
Donuts travel, ventures, singles, holdings, guru, clothing, bike, plumbing, camera, equipment, estate, gallery, graphics, lighting, photography, directory, kitchen, land, today, technology, diamonds, tips, voyage, enterprises, shoes, recipes, careers, photos, company, domains, cab, limo, management, academy, systems, computer, center, builders, email, solutions, support, training, camp, education, glass, institute, repair, solar, international, house, florist, coffee, marketing, democrat, codes, immobilien, zone, cheap, boutique, bargains, agency, ninja, foundation, exposed, tienda, condos, maison, properties, productions, dating, events, partners, cleaning, cards, catering, community, reviews, dance, social, moda, holiday, supply, supplies, parts, industries, tools, report, vision, fish, farm, viajes, cool, consulting, watch, capital, expert, works, lease, media, associates, pictures, haus, financial, limited, wtf, fail, villas, flights, cruises, rentals, vacations, pub, futbol, tax, fund, cash, investments, kaufen, gratis, claims, credit, creditcard, fitness, discount, furniture, rocks, actor, insure, digital, accountants, finance, republican, gripe, exchange, engineering, loans, direct, place, deals, university, city, attorney, lawyer, reisen, toys, town, care, army, vet, airforce, navy, clinic, surgery, dental, life, market, mortgage, sarl, gifts, restaurant, engineer, church, guide, immo, business, pizza, network, software, auction, healthcare, dentist, rehab, world, degree, gives, band, rip, forsale, delivery, energy, legal, money, coach, memorial, tires, video, sale, chat, bingo, football, casino, school, apartments, irish, tennis, style, golf, plus, tours, gold, news, cafe, express, jewelry, show, team, movie, coupons, taxi, dog, hockey, run, mba, fyi, family, vin, wine, group, salon, gmbh, ltd, games, shopping, doctor, 游戏, 企业, 娱乐, 商店, charity, fan
EURid eu
FM fm
Freenom tk, gq
fTLD bank, insurance
Gabon ga
Global Domain Registry global
Global Registry Services Limited bid, trade, webcam, party, cricket, science, review, date, faith, accountant, download, loan, racing, win
GMO Registry nagoya, tokyo, yokohama, shop
Google Registry みんな, soy, how, app, page
HKIRC hk, 香港
ICM Registry xxx, porn, adult, sex
IM - Isle of Man, im,,
India - National Internet eXchange of India,, in,,,,, भारत
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality istanbul, ist
jobs - Employ Media LLC jobs
KENIC,,,,,, ke
Kiwi Limited kiwi
Kyoto Jyoho Gakuen kyoto
lc - Saint Lucia lc
Mali ml
MARnet mk
Mexico - Network Information Center México, mx
MMX london, fishing, cooking, country, rodeo, vodka, horse, bayern, beer, surf, casa, work, yoga, nrw, wedding, fashion, garden, fit, miami, law, abogado, vip, boston, 购物, luxe
Mongolia mn
Moscow moscow
mu,, mu
Namibian Network Information Center,, na,
Neustar biz, co, us, menu, luxury, build, nyc, melbourne, physio, sydney, one, men, courses, film, study, cloud, hoteles
Nominet,,,,,, uk, wales, cymru, blog
PH Direct ph
Pharmacy - National Association of Boards of Pharmacy pharmacy
Public Interest Registry org, 机构, संगठन, ong, ngo
Puerto Rico, pr
Radix host, website, press, space, site, tech, online, store, fun
RealEstate LLC realestate
Registro .it it
Ricta rw,,,
Stable Tone Limited 健康, 世界
Swiss swiss
SX Registry SA B.V. sx
TELE Greenland A/S gl,,,,
Telnic Limited tel
tickets - AccentMedia Limited tickets
Top Level Spectrum feedback, observer, realty
tzNIC Registry
Uniregistry sexy, link, photo, pics, gift, guitars, tattoo, christmas, blackfriday, audio, juegos, hiphop, hiv, property, click, hosting, diet, help, flowers, lol, game, mom, car, cars, auto
Vegas, Inc vegas
Verisign cc, com, net, tv, コム, 닷컴, 닷넷, קום
versicherung Registry versicherung
Vox Populi Registry sucks
Wang wang, 商城, top, 集团, 我爱你, 商标, 网址, 八卦, ren, 餐厅, 招聘
XYZ.COM LLC security, protection, theatre, storage
ZA Central Registry,,, capetown, durban, africa