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New gTLDs

.APP, .AFRICA and .WEB are some of the over 1000 gTLDs that will be launched within the next few years.

The vast number of gTLDs will have cost implications for trademark owners as they scramble to secure their rights during the launch of each new gTLD.

Lexsynergy has gained extensive experience from participating in several TLD launches, over the past few years, to develop a New gTLD Strategy Service that allows trademark owners and their attorneys to develop a strategy to tackle pre-selected gTLD launches.

The trademark information gathered via this service will then be used to submit trademarks for validation to the Trademark Clearinghouse. Once validated, Lexsynergy will process the Sunrise applications for each new gTLD forming part of the trademark owner's new gTLD strategy.

Download the New gTLD Strategy Service brochure here.

The flow chart below depicts the various routes that can be taken to protect your trade mark with the new gTLDs. The most efficient and recommended route is highlighted in blue.

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Still confused by the new gTLD process?

Visit our FAQ page or arrange a free consultation and demonstration of this service to better understand the new gTLD process. Email with the subject line “New gTLDs” including your contact information and a member of the Lexsynergy Brand Protection team will contact you.

The consultation is recommended for trademark owners, in-house counsel and trademark attorneys.

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