About .ie

.ie is the ccTLD for Ireland. Choosing .ie instantly shows that you have a connection with Ireland and also an authenticated claim to the specific domain name you choose.


When first applying for a .ie domain name you need to provide some supporting information so that the registry can verify your claim to the name and your connection with Ireland. The supporting information will be easily available to you and if included with your initial application it can speed up the registration process.

Connection with Ireland: If you are not based within the 32 counties of Ireland you must show that you have a connection to Ireland to register a .ie domain name. A connection with Ireland can be proven by any of:

* Irish resident or citizen (passport/drivers licence/utility bill etc.)

* A company registered in Ireland, or with offices/branches in Ireland (Registered Business Number (RBN)/VAT number etc.)

* Providing evidence to show that you are either currently trading with or providing a service to Irish customers (e.g. invoices, high-quality marketing material aimed at the Irish market, or a solicitor or accountant’s letter confirming your current or future trade with Ireland).

* Providing evidence to show that they will be relocating to Ireland in the near future.

* Holding a Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland or EU Community registered trademark.


Allocation: Registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis.


Registration price for a 1 year registration: £35

Payment can also be made in US$ ($59.90), Euros (€52.50) and South African Rands (R875).

International Domain Names (IDNs)

IDNs with the fada characters will become available within .ie starting 23 August 2016. The launch process will begin with a Sunrise phase for trademark owners which will run for 30 days until 21 September 2016.

A Landrush phase will run from 3 October 2016 until 2 November 2016. This phase is reserved for registrants who currently hold domains in the Irish language e.g. fogra.ie, but which are missing the correct inclusion of the fada characters on any vowels. During the Landrush phase, these registrants will be able to apply for the correct IDN equivalent e.g. fógra.ie.

All IDNs that have not been registered during the Sunrise or Landrush phase will be available to register on a first come, first served basis beginning 16 November 2016. 

Gaelic IDNs are not included in this launch.