There are many preconceived notions when it comes to domain management. Here at Lexsynergy, we like to dispel these myths and make the management process as straightforward as possible. Here are the top six myths of domain management we hear from domain owners:

MYTH: “We manage our domains in-house. We don’t need a registrar.”
REALITY: Domains can only be registered through an accredited registrar or reseller. While many companies do have a single employee or team dedicated to managing their domains, the actual registration cannot be done “in-house”. Our job at Lexsynergy is to assist the in-house team and make it easy for them to process registrations and renewals, update domain information, add DNS records and more.

MYTH: “Transferring my domains to a new registrar would be too much work. It’s easier to stick with the status-quo.”
REALITY: Lexsynergy’s account managers handle the entire process. When a new client decides to transfer their domain portfolio to Lexsynergy, whether it be one domain or one thousand domains, we assist them from beginning to end. The transfer process is very simple for the registrant and once their domains are centralized with Lexsynergy they can manage their portfolio more efficiently.

MYTH: “I have to pay more for a premium service.”
REALITY: Lexsynergy provides a top-tier service at affordable rates. Our clients pay for their annual domain renewal and that’s it. We don’t have any hidden fees and our low costs have saved clients up to 40% annually.

MYTH: “I have to pay to update a domain’s information and nameservers.”
REALITY: Sometimes it seems like other corporate registrars charge their clients for everything. Even a simple nameserver or WHOIS update can incur a fee. Not at Lexsynergy. The majority of domains can be updated for free (.com, .net, .uk,, etc.).

MYTH: “A fixed contract is required, and I will be charged to move domains away.”
REALITY: We do not require a fixed contact and domains can be transferred away at any time with no fees. We don’t believe in holding domains ransom and know that the best way to keep a client is to provide exceptional service.

MYTH: “There are so many new extensions, they can’t be included in a practical domain strategy.”
REALITY: The launch of over 1000 new extensions can seem overwhelming. That’s why we provide a free new extension strategy for all clients. We help clients by advising them which extensions should be a priority for them. We also keep our clients informed of upcoming releases, so they don’t miss out on an important launch.