KENIC, the .ke registry, has added a grandfathering phase which is currently open and will run until 22 December 2017. During this phase, existing third-level domain owners (,, etc.) can register the matching .ke domain (i.e the owner of, will be able to submit an application for

If you miss this opportunity your online presence could be diluted by a third party registering the matching .ke domain.

Each application must be accompanied by a company registration certificate or government-issued identification of the registrant in order to prove ownership.

The price is £82 / $105 / €105 / R1,400 / 10,000 Ksh and registrations will be allocated at the end of the grandfathering phase (prior to the start of General Availability). Should you wish to secure your matching .ke domain name, you can apply for the registration through the control panel and send a copy of the registrant's company certificate to Alternatively, you can email us the .ke domains you wish to register during this grandfathering phase and we will handle the process for you.