The registry for Denmark’s ccTLD, DK Hostmaster, has made a number of changes to the terms and conditions for .dk domain names to make it easier for registrants.
Broadly there are 3 changes. The first is the terms and conditions are more transparent and more easily understood, with clarifications in some areas. The second is they have shrunk, from around 35 pages of text to 10. The terms and conditions are now about the rights and obligations of registrants.
The third is the streamlined terms and conditions that reflect some substantive changes. These are:

  • The proxy will be able to perform more actions on behalf of the registrant without the registrant having to approve the actions each time. Only in case of transfer and deletion must the registrant confirm the changes.
  • It will be easier for DK Hostmaster to suspend a domain name suspected of being connected to financial crime.
  • An emphasis on the importance of registrants keeping their contact information updated
  • A new identification process.

DK Hostmaster believes the changes will enhance transparency and help prevent cybercrime and have come about following a consultation during the Danish summer.

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