fTLD Registry, the managing registry of the .bank and .insurance domain extensions, has announced changes to the verification process for .bank and .insurance domains beginning April 18, 2018. These changes will streamline and simplify the verification process, making it easier to register and renew .bank and .insurance domains. We’ve outlined the new verification process below.

Key Changes To The Verification Process

  • The verification process will be handled in-house by fTLD Registry. This removes the use of a third-party verification provider (Symantec) to create a more efficient process.
  • New registrants will be pre-verified by fTLD Registry by completing an online application on the fTLD website.
  • Verification of the registrant contact’s employment and authority will now be done via email (it was previously done via a phone call).
  • Re-verifications will happen every 12 months

The steps for the verification process are as follows:

New Registrant Verification Process (First-time applicants)

Existing Registrant Verification Process (Annual re-verification)

  • When it is time for your re-verification you will receive an email from fTLD. This email will contain the current registration (WHOIS) data for your .bank/.insurance domains.
  • If the current data is still correct, fTLD will complete the re-verification.
  • If the current data is incorrect, email Lexsynergy with the updated information. fTLD will then complete the re-verification.

If you have any questions regarding this new process please email your account manager or support@lexsynergy.com