The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is sending many brand owners into a panic but Lexsynergy is here to offer guidance and advice on how to keep your domain portfolio secure.

Domain Centralisation is Key
The GDPR makes it is imperative that brand owners centralize their domain portfolio with a single provider. If domains are scattered across multiple registrars, it makes it extremely difficult to know if a domain is a legitimate registration or an infringement since the Whois details may be limited.  If your domain portfolio is centralized with one provider, you know that any registration that is not with your registrar is an infringement. 

Establish a Domain Policy and Strategy
Brand owners must establish an internal policy and strategy for domains. This policy will create a blueprint for how the company manages domains and infringements. It will cover items such as which domains should be registered, who is authorized to approve and carry out domain requests, where domains will be registered and the information used to registered domains. This policy and strategy must be communicated to all relevant employees (legal, marketing, IT) and any vendors (ISPs, marketing agencies, etc.) with strict consequences for those who do not adhere to the policy.

You can learn more about the impact of the GDPR on domains and online IP enforcement by watching Lexsynergy's webinar on our YouTube Channel.

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