IE Domain Registry, the company that manages Ireland's country extension .ie, will introduce a new dispute resolution process for contested .ie domains beginning 1 July 2019. Currently, those who wish to dispute the registration or use of a .ie domain must initiate formal legal proceedings or engage with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

IE Domain Registry's new alternative dispute resolution process will give individuals and organisations an easier, faster and more affordable way to dispute the registration or use of a .ie domain. The process will accommodate a wide variety of dispute types, including online impersonations, domain disputes between competing businesses, defamation, rights-based complaints and more. 

The highlights of the new alternative dispute resolution process are:

  • Net Neutrals EU, an accredited dispute resolution body under the European Union, has been chosen to operate the new process.
  • The burden of proof will be on the complainant, as .ie registrants will have already met criteria for .ie domain registrations.
  • After reviewing all proof and submissions, a qualified specialist will give their opinion on the dispute and either uphold or dismiss the complaint. If the complaint is upheld, the complainant can then request that the disputed domain is either transferred or deleted. 
  • IE Domain Registry CEO says the new process was built on principles of "fair play and a fair hearing."

Lexsynergy will offer .ie domain dispute services via the new alternative dispute resolution process beginning 1 July 2019. If you would like to learn more or open a new case, email