What Is Domain Blocking?
Domain blocking services enable trade mark owners to block their trade mark from registration as a domain in hundreds of domain extensions such as .business, .email and .company. A domain block is a cost-effective and practical solution to protect your brand online and reduce your exposure to domain squatting.

How Does It Work?
A domain blocking service will block third parties from registering a domain that is identical
to your trade mark within the domain extensions managed by that particular registry.

Example: Microsoft can purchase a block for their trade mark ‘Xbox’ which would block third
parties from registering domains such as xbox.games and xbox.technology.

Blocked domains are nonfunctional so it cannot be used for a website or email address and
no ownership information will appear on the WHOIS.

Which Domains Can I Block?
Lexsynergy offers a variety of domain blocking services which are listed below. Details for each block can be found HERE

Blocks offered by Lexsynergy:

  • Donuts DPML and DPML Plus
  • Uniregistry UNI EPS and UNI EPS+
  • MMX AdultBlock and Adultblock+
  • Trademark Clearinghouse TREx
  • .CLUB Trademark Sentry

If you are interested in learning more about our domain blocking services, please email support@lexsynergy.com.