Lexsynergy has partnered with African Vision Malawi, an inspiring charity committed to helping the people of Malawi, one of the world’s 20 poorest countries. Since 2005 African Vision Malawi has been helping children and vulnerable people in Malawi. Their vision is to see a "healthy, educated and self-sufficient community in Malawi".

African Vision Malawi has multiple projects including building schools, improving a local maternity unit for pregnant women, providing transportation to medical centres, and distributing donations such as food, clothing, sleeping mats, and mosquito nets.

Lexsynergy has partnered with African Vision Malawi to support one of their primary missions: education. African Vision Malawi supports education from early childhood all the way through university. Over the last year, Lexsynergy has been sponsoring two university students by paying for their study and living costs. One of the students is studying Biomedical Science at Mzuzu University and his ambition is to become a doctor. The other student is attending the University of Malawi where he is studying to receive a Bachelor's degree in Gender Studies. With his degree, he plans to support his younger siblings and also his community by using the knowledge and skills he will obtain at university.

If you would like to support the efforts of African Vision Malawi, please visit their webpage page: http://www.africanvision.org.uk/