1. Fantastic domain extension for customer services

Organisations large and small are struggling to give consistent, high-level Customer Service on multiple platforms. In 2020 customers expect 24/7 support on every platform including your website, via phone, email, and a growing number of social media platforms.

This has seen many Customer Services become fragmented and disjointed as customers experience different levels of support available depending on the platform they contact. In many cases this may lead to inconsistent outcomes and service levels.

The new domain extension .Contact represents an opportunity for organisations to centralise their online support offering.  Often contact forms and support mechanisms are added to websites as a secondary thought. By having a dedicated domain for customers to contact you, you can build bespoke and robust systems to suit their needs, without it affecting your core website.

You could also integrate your ticketing and resolution centers onto one platform and direct all incoming enquiries to one place. Rather than offering support on an inconsistent basis depending on the platform, with one automated message you can let customers know that .contact is the best way to reach your business.

2. Create bespoke contact points for branches and services

It can be difficult to cater for the needs of customers where service offerings are diverse. The information to effectively serve one demographics’ needs can differ significantly from another, and so in creating a bespoke domain for each, you can better suit your content to that audience without it reflecting on your brand as a whole. 

Where your business has multiple geographic branches, it may be more cost-effective to use .contact for each branch rather than buying their respective country-specific domain. This would also allow you to create bespoke pages to highlight the different offerings or services in each location.

3. Great alternative domain for freelancers and individuals

More people than ever want a personal website for projects, hobbies, to showcase their portfolio or use as an online CV. Where your name may be already taken then .contact would represent a professional alternative.

4. To protect your brand against squatters and criminals

As online brand protection experts, Lexsynergy would advise that the .contact domain should be secured.

“This will be a very desirable domain extension for fraudsters. They may use .contact as a way of setting up a phishing website, with an aim of misappropriating customers' personal information with a fraud of carrying out criminal activity. Alternatively, they could ‘squat’ on the domain in the hope that trade mark owners will buy it back. “ says Daniel Greenberg, CEO.

There are a few options for trademark holders:

Block services

The good news is that if you already have a block service for Donuts extensions (DPML or DPML Plus), .contact will automatically be added to your list and blocked from sale. If you don’t have a block service, this is an easy way to block hundreds of domain extensions. The block lasts for five years and is available for a flat fee making it a more cost-effective approach versus buying the domains separately. Enquire here

Sunrise Period – Tue 29th September – Sat 28th November 2020

The Sunrise period enables Trademark holders a period of at least 30 days in which to register domain names corresponding to their marks. In order to take advantage of this period an organisation must be registered with Trade Mark Clearing House. (TMCH) Lexsynergy would advise that we see .contact as a key domain to secure and so if you are not registered with TMCH but are interested in the sunrise period (which is ongoing now) then contact Lexsynergy today as we can arrange this for you.

Early Access - Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

Early access allows organisations able to buy their desired domain before the general public. The price during this period is always significantly higher than it would be when it goes on general sale, but means there is a higher chance of buying a desirable domain/securing your own. The early access for .contact will be on Wednesday, December 2nd 2020.

The domain extension will then go on general sale on Wednesday, 9th December 2020.

Contact Lexsynergy today who will help you to secure/block the .contact extension for the most affordable price.