One month only - heavy discount on .bond domains

Financial institutions will have the chance to purchase .bond domains at under 10% of its original cost between Monday November 16th and Wednesday December 16th 2020.

About the discount

The discount runs from 16 November 2020 to 16 December 2020
If you buy a domain at the discounted price, it will also be renewed at that lower price.
There are no "premium" domain names which means even terms like "" will be available at the lower price.

secure .bond today

Why should you secure .bond?

Bank robberies may seem like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon, but according to the FBI there are still around 5000 reported every year in the US. Financial institutions have always been a prime target for criminal activity, which is no different on the Internet. Banks can be directly targeted via hackers or indirectly with clients be targeted by well-orchestrated phishing activities.

"Financial institutions and its customers represent a prime target for criminals as they are more willing to invest the time to defraud these targets. One of the oldest methods is to send an email claiming there is an 'error' on the recipients account, so when the link is clicked and instructions followed, the user may unknowingly disclose their bank account information to these criminals." says Daniel Greenberg, Director at Lexsynergy.

"As such these institutions have had to invest a significant amount of money into their fraud and online security teams, and yet one area that is often overlooked is domains. We recommend, as online brand protection experts, to secure your .bond domain matching your trade mark and the domain you use for online banking services, especially now that the cost is lower. It's a simple but proactive step to reduce your exposure to risk and incurring costs in recovering such domains."

The sale on the .bond presents the perfect opportunity for financial institutions to register their domain if they have not already done so. (Oh and we've checked... we are afraid that has already been taken!)

Lexsynergy understands that with so many domain extensions, protecting your brand has never been more complex. Understanding which extensions you need to secure, block and how to recover a domains can be overwhelming so reach out to our team for guidance: