May 27, 2021

AdultBlock Expanding Eligible Trade Marks


MMX Registry has announced that starting 11 May 2021 the AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ services are expanding to include trade marks previously not eligible.

Currently the only trade marks that are eligible are 1) trade marks that were blocked during the .xxx Sunrise B and 2) trade marks that are registered with the TMCH and have an SMD File.

In addition to the trade marks currently eligible to participate, starting 11 May 2021 the following trade marks will also be accepted: 1) unregistered trade marks; 2) registered trade marks not previously in the .xxx Sunrise B program and/or 3) registered trademarks that do not have an SMD File because the mark is not registered with the TMCH.

MMX Registry is working with a third party that will verify that these new trade marks are valid and qualify for an AdultBlock. 

Should you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager or email [email protected].