September 01, 2021

.AU Poses Both A Threat And An Opportunity

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Last week it was announced by auDA (the Australian Registry), that the .au direct domain extension will launch on the 24th March 2022. 

This news is bittersweet for business and trade mark holders in Australia, as it poses both a significant threat and opportunity.

If you are unsure about second and third level domains, here is a quick guide:

  • Second level: lexsynergy.AU
  • Third level: lexsynergy.COM.AU, lexsynergy.NET.AU etc.

The Threat:

This change to .au is the equivalent of Australia changing their dialling code from +61 to +6, leading to customers ringing other businesses which they thought were you! Registering your name and trade mark in this new extension will help you to protect your brand online, as owning both the and .au domain extensions will form part of a defensive domain registration strategy.

It will also avoid confusion with a third party should they register it before you, as there are instances where multiple businesses own the same domain, with different third-level domain extensions (you owning the while a third party the This could lead to customer confusion and a very costly acquisition, if at all possible, should you ever wish to own this .au extension in the future.

The Opportunity:

It provides the opportunity to register a shorter domain, meaning instead of (third-level domain) you will be able to register just (second-level domain), meaning you own a domain that is more memorable, sharper and less of a mouthful.

This shorter domain will display well on business cards, emails, billboards etc. and will help provide additional characters in those all-important social media posts. 

What Is The Process:

The allocation of .au domains will be dependant on the pre determined eligibility criteria, evaluating whether you have an existing AU domain, third parties have matching domains and  the application creation date. Remember that you also need a local presence in order to be able to register for a .au domain. Find out how this will impact you using our flowchart below:

.AU Flowchart Final

So why does your brand need to register a .au domain?

If you have a presence in Australia, you need to register a .au domain to ensure that your brand is protected online, with it forming part of a defensive registration strategy.

So what’s next?

The launch process requires strategic planning to make sure you secure your .au domains at the first available opportunity, so reach out to us for assistance with developing a registration strategy, by emailing [email protected], or calling us on +61 73103304 (see our website for our other office numbers).

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