March 14, 2023

Is your brand at risk of being indecently exposed?

Exposed Brand Header

The registry that manages the .xxx extension has announced that they will be releasing all .xxx domains that were originally part of the Sunrise B Launch in 2011 and that have NOT been converted to an AdultBlock.

History of .XXX and AdultBlock

In 2011, .xxx launched as a new extension for the Adult Entertainment industry. During the initial launch, trade mark owners were able to purchase a 10-year block during a phase called Sunrise B. The .xxx Sunrise B blocks included only an exact match of trade marks and only within the .xxx extension. These blocks were not available to purchase after the initial launch ended.

Fast forward 8 years and in 2019, the .xxx registry launched a new blocking service called AdultBlock and AdultBlock+. These blocking programs include all four of the adult entertainment extensions: .xxx, .adult, .porn and .sex. All owners of a .xxx Sunrise B block then had the opportunity to convert their Sunrise B block to an AdultBlock.

In December 2021, any remaining .xxx Sunrise B blocks that had not been converted to an AdultBlock expired. Since then, the registry has been holding on to all remaining .xxx domains that were previously blocked and they have been unavailable for standard registration, until now…

Release of Reserved .XXX Domains

The registry plans on releasing the reserved .xxx Sunrise B domains in a two-phase approach over the next few months of 2023. As previously mentioned, this is only for Sunrise B .xxx domains that have NOT been converted to an AdultBlock. If you have upgraded your Sunrise B .xxx block to an AdultBlock , your .xxx domain will NOT be released for registration.


Phase One: 16 March 2023 – 18 May 2023

During this phase, original owners of a .xxx Sunrise B block will have the opportunity to register the matching .xxx domain. If you purchased a Sunrise B Block in 2011 and don’t have the matching .xxx domain, then please get in contact as we can process your registration during this priority phase. Please take note, that as a .xxx Sunrise B owner, you still have the option to upgrade to an AdultBlock during this time.


Phase Two: 22 May 2023 – onward

All remaining domains that have not been registered will be available on a first come, first served basis with no restrictions, leaving brand owners exposed

Next Steps

Lexsynergy is assisting owners of .xxx Sunrise B blocks who wish to register the matching .xxx domain or upgrading to an AdultBlock. If you have any questions about .xxx, AdultBlock, or protecting your brand online, then please reach out to us today to start the process – [email protected]