May 03, 2023

Interview with Jake Spencer

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Jake Spencer is our Chief Technology Officer and has over 13 years of experience developing and running the technical operations of a Domain Registrar. One of the first Lexsynergy employees, Jake has developed many of the unique tools that serve our clients, including our bespoke client portal. With a keen focus on security, Jake has championed our journey into becoming ISO 27001 certified and leads the business’ security protocols. Read on to find out more about Jake and his tips for staying safe in a digital world. 

What are your password security tips?
Simple, use a password manager and never use the same password for multiple websites/systems.

How can someone be more secure online?
Best thing you can do is use a password manager and multi factor authentication whenever possible. Beware of scams online, if it seems too good to be true it probably is. Never open files you don’t fully trust or are not expecting.


Finally, don’t use public WiFi, it is much safer to hotspot/tether your phone. You may hear people say ‘use this VPN provider they will keep you private’, yet this has the exact same problem as public WiFi, all your data is getting sent via single point. A bad actor can compromise a single VPN provider and get access to vast amounts of user data, this makes them attractive targets for large data collection.

What laptop do you use and why? What laptop do you recommend?
I use a Macbook Pro because it is what I have become used to and I am firmly in the Apple eco-system, so it works for me.

It comes down to what you are most comfortable with and what your budget is. Like when purchasing anything if someone just says this is the best without asking what your requirements are then ask someone else. Saying that, for most users their device is primarily a web browser so you might not even need a traditional laptop and a tablet might be sufficient.

What internet browser do you recommend? 
I use Safari on Mac as it is more efficient with battery usage.

Firefox is also a good choice from a privacy perspective. You might wonder why I don’t recommend Chrome and simply put, it is because Google is an advertising company first and foremost and as such they must balance privacy against the requirements of the advertising business.

What are your thoughts on privacy and home assistants? 
If you want an always listening device in your home then feel free, but I certainly would not use one. Even if the manufacturer has good intentions, they can always be compromised by a third party.

What developments in the programming space excite you?
The Rust programming language would have to be right up there.

What has been your favourite piece of tech in the last 10 years?
My main passion is running so that would have to be my Garmin Forerunner 955. I have always used Garmin running watches but their latest variants now support fully featured maps and contactless payments, so they are real game changers when exploring new routes and places.

What are the 5 things you can’t live without?
Aside from air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat I can live without most things. If you are asking what 5 things I am addicted to there is only one and that is running.

What advice would you give to up-and-coming technical staff?
Explore different technologies as much as possible and always look under the hood, find out how stuff works and why. Never stop learning.

What is your favourite TLD and why?
I don’t have a favourite; I preferred the simpler times when there was less choice! This may be controversial but, in my opinion, the new gTLD program just caused more user confusion and makes it more costly to defend your brand online

That's it for today's interview, if you'd like to know more about Jake or want to get in contact with him directly, then please connect with him via LinkedIn.

May 02, 2023

INTA Live+ 2023, we will see you there!

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Lexsynergy is excited to be attending INTA Live+ 2023 in Singapore this May (2023). It will be our first INTA event since Covid so we are extra excited to connect with colleagues and friends again from around the world.


Why are we attending?


First and foremost, we are attending INTA to connect with brand owners who are looking for cost-effective alternatives to legacy domain providers. Our goal is to disrupt the market, helping businesses save money while receiving a superior service. We are the first corporate domain registrar to challenge this niche sector by offering transparent terms, affordable pricing, and providing our clients free access to 24/7/365 telephone and email support. Our fees are all-inclusive and fixed so you can budget accurately without having to combine add-ons and “Management” service fees. We also do not tie you down to long-term contracts.


Secondly, as members of the Web3 Domain Alliance, we are looking forward to providing clarity on Web3 Domains and their impact on Intellectual Property. We will be presenting a Table Topic event at on Thursday, 18th May at 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. on Web 3.0 Domains: What Do They Mean for IP Owners and Do IP lawyers Understand Them? The lack of centralised gatekeepers in Web3 could pose a significant risk to IP and brand owners so it is worthwhile building a strategy to tackle the challenges that Web3 poses.


Finally, we’re looking forward to socialising! As previous attendees will be aware, INTA isn’t all work and no play and with a base of Singapore there is a lot to look forward to out of work hours this time around. Add in the Covid factor – that we’ve not been able to attend for 3 years –and you can be sure that we’ll be seen at all the social events until the early hours! So even if you don’t think there is synergy (pun intended) between our businesses, still feel free to say hello and we can take on Singapore’s events together.

Who is attending?


Daniel Greenberg, CEO. 

Daniel is a UK and South African lawyer who has over 23 years of experience in trade marks, copyright, and domains. He has co-authored an ecommerce textbook and made several contributions to Intellectual Property publications.

Daniel will be holding a Table Topic event at INTA Live+ 2023 on Thursday, 18th May: Breakfast, 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. - Web 3.0 Domains: What Do They Mean for IP Owners and Do IP lawyers Understand Them? 


Years as INTA Member:  15
Favourite INTA Event moment: Disney Hong Kong
Looking forward to at INTA Live+ 2023: Closing event where you can unwind and relax with colleagues in a relaxed setting. 

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Download Daniel's Business Card | Connect with Daniel on LinkedIn | Arrange a meeting with Daniel


Tom Kinstler, Head of Client Engagement. 

Tom is a domain industry expert with over 11 years experience in the fields of domain management, centralisations, customer engagement and key account management. Tom is a member of ICANN and active participant in the formation of global internet policy.


Years as INTA Member: 8 years
Favourite INTA Event moment: I really enjoy the pause with Yoga @ INTA events organised by our colleagues at S.S. Rana & Co.
Looking forward to at INTA Live+ 2023:  Seeing old and new clients in one location after such a long break due to Covid. 

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April 26, 2023

Interview with Marina Robbins

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Marina Robbins is the Manager of our North American office. She has been with Lexsynergy for 8 years and is based in San Diego, California where she lives with her husband and two children. 

What is your favourite thing about working in the domain industry? 
I enjoy the global aspect of it. Domains are a key component of the internet and an infrastructure that connects billions of people. On any given day I will interact with people from all over the world. We often get so caught up in our own little bubbles and I enjoy working in an industry that reaches far outside my bubble. During my time in the domain industry, I have learned a lot about other cultures which makes me feel more connected to the world. 

What do you enjoy most about managing the office across the pond? 
I like the fact that every day is a little different since I am involved with several aspects of the business. Being able to support all our different departments means I get to engage with other Lexsynergy team members on a daily basis even though I am multiple time zones away.  Also, I am proud of the fact that I can now understand a strong South African accent (most of the time). 

What is your craziest story that has happened to you whilst working within Lexsynergy? 
Probably that I spent my first week on the job travelling to Vienna, Austria to meet with our two founders. I had never been there before, and I really enjoyed my time exploring the city after a long day of learning the ins and outs of the domain industry. 

What is your favourite tld and why? 
Overall, I would say .com since it is the most popular and the foundation of the domain industry. Within the new gTLDs, I like .kids because as a mother of two young children, I appreciate the fact that they are dedicated to creating a safer online environment for kids. 

What are the 5 things you can’t live without? 
1. My family and friends 
2. Spending time outside 
3. My iPhone 
4. Amazon Prime 
5. Tacos 

Finally, where does one find the best tacos in San Diego? 
There are some more well-known places that are great like The Taco Stand and City Tacos, but my favourites are the small, hole-in-wall restaurants. They are almost as common as Starbucks around here so it’s not hard to find one. My main tip is to find one that makes their tortillas in-house, then you know you’re getting a delicious, authentic taco.  

That's it for today's interview, if you'd like to know more about Marina or want to get in contact with her directly, then please connect with her via LinkedIn.