May 27, 2021

Impact of BREXIT on .EU Domain Names


As of 1 January 2021, UK registrants no longer qualify to register or renew a .eu domain. Lexsynergy ensured all of our UK clients still complied with the requirements by providing an EU local presence at no cost.

Below is a visual timeline of what will happen to the .eu domains that currently do not meet the requirements and have been suspended by the registry. If your domain is suspended and your registrar is not able to assist you, please reach out to Lexsynergy so we can help you get your .eu domain back.




May 27, 2021

AdultBlock Expanding Eligible Trade Marks


MMX Registry has announced that starting 11 May 2021 the AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ services are expanding to include trade marks previously not eligible.

Currently the only trade marks that are eligible are 1) trade marks that were blocked during the .xxx Sunrise B and 2) trade marks that are registered with the TMCH and have an SMD File.

In addition to the trade marks currently eligible to participate, starting 11 May 2021 the following trade marks will also be accepted: 1) unregistered trade marks; 2) registered trade marks not previously in the .xxx Sunrise B program and/or 3) registered trademarks that do not have an SMD File because the mark is not registered with the TMCH.

MMX Registry is working with a third party that will verify that these new trade marks are valid and qualify for an AdultBlock. 

Should you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager or email


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May 20, 2021

Protecting Domains in West Africa


OAPI Domains

In West Africa, there are 17 different nations where it is not possible to register a national trade mark.


The only option to gain trade mark protection, in those countries, is to file a trade mark with the Organisation Africaine de la Propriété Intellectuelle or (OAPI) and the local domain name is no easy feat - because each country has its own unique rules and regulations.

This makes registration time-consuming and complicated, however if a trade mark warrants protection within OAPI, acquiring the local domain name is definitely worth it.

Due to the limited domain recovery options in this region, it is recommended that a strategic defensive registration policy be adopted. If a local presence is an obstacle, we would recommend registering on the domain extensions where a local presence is not required.




Burkina Faso.bfLocal presence or trade mark required
Central African Republic.cfNone
Comoros.kmLocal presence or trade mark required
Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast).ciNone
Equatorial Guinea.gqNone
Guineacom.gnLocal presence demonstrating intention to use
Niger.neLocal presence required

We are aware that our clients are looking for a regional solution so we have packaged all the domain extensions listed above into one bulk offering to ensure that your OAPI trademark is secured within that region’s domain name space.

Please reach out to us for costing on the OAPI domain name package.