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We protect your trade mark, reputation, brand equity & IP rights online.

We manage global domain portfolios, securely & cost-effectively.

In the online world some will seek to piggyback off your brand by squatting on domains, creating phishing websites, and infringing upon your trade marks and copyright – diluting your IP value and rights.

That is where we come in. If it’s online, we can take it offline.

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Brand Protection

When it comes to your name
We protect your domain
  1. Brand Protection
    When it comes to your name
    We protect your domain
  2. Domain Recovery

    We are specialists in domain recovery, covering multiple jurisdictions.

    Depending on your trade mark rights you have the following options:

    • Domain Complaint (UDRP/ADR/DRS)

    • Domain Acquisition

    • Backorder

    1. Domain Complaint


      Some smart-ass has registered a domain similar to your trade mark.

      Our legal team will set it right.

      We handle the entire recovery from the cease & desist, to drafting and submitting a complaint.

      We have a 100% success rate in domain complaints around the world including China, India, New Zealand, US, UK, EU and South Africa.

    2. Domain Acquisition


      Good domains are hard to find.

      Our team of legal experts will get the domain you want. We will negotiate its purchase, facilitate payment, and arrange the transfer.

    3. Backorder


      Snap up the domain you want when it becomes available.

      We will monitor the domain and will attempt to re-register after its deletion.

  3. Brand Audit


    We scour the internet for infringements using our proprietary software.

    The results are analysed and filtered by our brand protection team so decisions can be taken quickly and effectively to minimize exposure to online risk.

    1. Global Domain Audit


      Squatters and fraudsters never rest, profiting by registering domains similar to your trade mark.

      A global domain audit is the starting point to identify infringing domains, potential risks and gaps in your domain portfolio.

      We do not drown you in data, our report includes practical advice to address the issues identified in the report.

    2. Facebook Audit


      We identify who is infringing your trade mark or copyright on Facebook.

      Our brand protection team is on hand to remove Facebook posts and pages.

  4. Take It Down!


    If any online content infringes upon your trade marks or copyright, we will be there to take it offline.

    Most providers adopt a machine gun approach, firing off dozens of generic, out of context emails hoping one will do the trick. We are different, our sniper approach takes down the content in one shot.

    Our approach is effective, calculated and monitored.

  5. Trademark Clearinghouse


    New domain extensions launch with a Sunrise period reserved for trade mark owners.

    We validate your trade mark with the TMCH to get you ‘first dibs’ on the domain matching your trade mark.

    Go to our launch timetable to see what extensions are launching soon.

  6. Watch Services


    Be on the mark and monitor your brand online.

    The domain industry is ever-changing, so we watch and report newly registered domains that match or are similar to your trade mark.

    Our report covers over 1,000 extensions with advice on how to tackle each infringement.

  7. Strategy & Advisory


    Companies may be unaware that their approach to domain management and enforcement is disorganised.

    We assess your business objectives, market position and internal resources to develop a customised domain policy, strategy and standardised processes while outlining the procedures required to enforce your rights online.

If it looks like a cat, meows like a cat and purrs like a cat
that doesn’t mean it can jump like Jaguar or Puma, or even say Hello Kitty.

Puma Hello Kitty Jaguar

Our team of IT and legal specialists will ensure no one steps on your tail.

Domain Management

When it comes to your name
We protect your domain
  1. Domain Management

    Who manages your domain?

    Managing a global domain portfolio requires time and diligence.

    We work with you to streamline your domain management, providing a dedicated account manager with 24/7/365 support.

    Our portal is easy-to-use and intuitive with advanced functionality simplifying domain management.

    We will notify you about industry developments, so your portfolio remains relevant and in-line with industry standards.

  2. Domain Centralisation

    Are your domains scattered across multiple providers?

    Registering domains through multiple registrars splits up the portfolio with no consolidated oversight potentially putting your domains at risk.

    Lexsynergy, as a global registrar, will organize and bring all your domains under one roof. You will have complete oversight, with auto-renewal options and other features to simplify domain management.

  3. New Extensions

    Which new extensions are launching?

    There are over 1,000 domain extensions with a few still to launch.

    We will notify you in advance of new extension launches, so you are well prepared to secure the domains you want.

    Our launch timetable lists all new launches and information.

  4. Domain Blocks

    Block third parties registering domains that match your trade mark

    There are several blocking services that prevent others from registering domains that could infringe upon your trade mark.

    Contact us to find out which block is best for you.

  5. Registry Locks

    Your domain can never be too secure

    A registry lock is an additional layer of security that protects against domain hijacking.

    A domain under registry lock cannot be updated, transferred or deleted without going through a manual authentication process. It should be considered for core domains and those used for key infrastructure.

  6. SSL Certificates

    Secure your website

    SSL certificates allow browsers to confirm the identity of your website and that it is secured to avoid a security warning or access being blocked to your website.

    Lexsynergy offers a wide range of certificates.

  7. API Access

    Access over 1,000 extensions via a single connection

    Our API connects you to over 1,000 domain extensions from .AF (Afghanistan) to .ZW (Zimbabwe).

    We are one of the world’s most accredited registrars, which means you only need to connect to one provider – LEXSYNERGY – to access a vast selection of domain extensions.

    There is no sign-up fee.

    Contact us and we will send you the Technical Documentation.



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How We Work

  1. Dedicated Account Manager

    A personal touch helps. Your account manager will handle requests supported by our domain team to ease your workload.

  2. Practical Advice

    We do not drown you in technical or legal jargon. We tell you how it is and provide solutions that make business sense.

  3. Legal Expertise / Fixed Fees

    Our expertise lie where Intellectual Property Law and the online world intersect. Our legal team are experienced in delivering results. Our fixed fees make it more affordable to enforce your rights online.

  4. Strategic & Proactive

    We ensure your trade marks and domains are aligned and codified in a strategy and policy document. We do not wait for the problem to arise; we anticipate them so you can mitigate your risks online.

  5. 24/7/365 Support

    The Internet does not rest and neither do we. All our clients have around-the-clock access to email and telephone support.

  6. 100% Success

    We have not lost a domain complaint. We help you pick your battles so your business remains online and not on the line.

  7. Easy to Use

    Our portal incorporates advanced features in an easy-to-use layout.

    Contact us for a demonstration.

  8. Accredited

    We are one of the world’s most accredited registrars, which includes our ICANN accreditation. Middlemen are removed, reducing risk and increasing efficiency. We are members of the International Trademark Association (INTA), Marques and Registrar Stakeholders Group (RRSG)

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