domain name management

Lexsynergy's domain name management service is an efficient and cost-effective solution to manage and protect your global domain name portfolio in an increasingly competitive online marketplace.

Our domain portal allows you to manage and protect your global domain name portal from a single, centralized point; while a dedicated account manager and support team provide 24/7 support.

Lexsynergy Features

  • A dedicated account manager

  • 24/7/365 technical support (telephone and email)

  • Competitive pricing

  • Access to over 1000 domain extensions

  • Flexible billing options (daily, monthly, quarterly or annual)

  • Billing currency options (USD, GBP, Euros, South African Rand and Kenyan Shilling)

  • Free domain training courses for clients and staff members

  • A local market presence to allow, where possible, the registration of restricted domains

  • Summary of each domain extensions requirements

  • Free web and email forwarding

Portal Features

  • Register, renew and transfer domains

  • Export domain name portfolio details (Excel and CSV)

  • A country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) search function

  • A generic top-level domain (gTLD) search function

  • Domain Backorders

  • Domain name server (DNS) configuration access

  • Purchase and renew SSL certificates

  • A real-time Whois domain name database search function

  • Sub-user accounts, allowing restricted access to selected features of the portal

  • Two-Factor Authentication as an additional layer of security

Registrations / Renewals / Transfers

As a leading global domain name registrar with accreditations and strategic partnerships around the world, Lexsynergy offers a domain registration service that allows you to register and renew domain names in over 1000 extensions from a central portal.

Random uncoordinated domain registrations could expose a brand to cybersquatting and other sorts of infringements. It is for this reason that Lexsynergy does not simply process domain name registrations but provides strategic brand protection advice to ensure all the domain extensions relevant to our client's business, trademark or marketing campaigns are adequately secured.

Domain names should be registered in the name of the trademark owner or appropriate legal entity, to ensure legal consistency. The majority of domain extensions operate on a "first come, first served" basis so it is of paramount importance that domain names, which correspond to a trademark are registered at the first available opportunity.



A domain name is your online trademark that needs to be managed in a professional manner by one provider with global reach. Domain name centralization is a key component of our domain management service.

Centralization will make your domain name portfolio:

  • Streamlined globally

  • Easier to manage

  • More cost efficient

  • Easier to monitor (performance & risk)

  • Allow for quicker and proactive measures to mitigate risk through central analysis

  • Avoid domain names being lost through missed renewals

The centralization process, which involves transferring domain names administrated by several different registrars (domain providers) to Lexsynergy. This process is coordinated by a dedicated account manager, who will also ensure that your Whois (domain name database) records are accurate and consistent. Transfers are handled with extreme care and precision, avoiding technical interruptions. 


Domain Name Strategy

Lexsynergy will create a domain name strategy that details the steps to effectively manage your domain portfolio.  When creating the strategy, we take multiple factors into consideration including your:

  • corporate structure

  • market and global presence

  • competition

  • commercial objectives

  • perception of risk

The creation of a domain name strategy and policy document enables clear governance of domain name management and online brand protection within your organization.

Best of all, this strategy report is free of charge for all clients.

Domain Name Audit

Lexsynergy’s domain name audit is the starting point of our domain name management service. It is the “health-check” of your domain portfolio and will give you a clear snapshot of:

  • all the domains currently under your control

  • identify online infringements of your trademark

  • identify potential risks and gaps in your portfolio.

  • provide a blueprint to determine the most efficient way to centralized your domains

  • identify how to protect your business against brand abuse in the future.

Don’t remain in the dark to what your brand could be exposed to online. Lexsynergy’s audit report will shine a light on what is out there to enable you to gain control of your domain portfolio.

Country Extensions / Local presence

Each country has a unique domain name extension (example: .uk for the United Kingdom, .fr for France and .cn for China, etc.)

These extensions are called Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs). In many countries, ccTLDs are more widely recognized and used than .com. ccTLDs are important and should be secured in all countries that are relevant to your company’s current or future business.

If a ccTLD requires a local presence that you do not have we will step in and use our local presence service so you can secure the domain name. 

Our local presence service allows you to:

  • register domains prior to trading in a specific country

  • carry out defensive registrations

  • reduce the threat of squatting and other online infringements. 

New Extensions

Since 2014 nearly 500 new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) have launched and are now available to register with approximately another 400 to launch over the next few years.

Extensions such as .bank, .autos, .review and .sucks are transforming the Internet as we know it. The introduction of these extensions has brought both new opportunities as well as new threats to trademark owners. 

We understand that these news extensions can seem complicated and overwhelming so our team of domain experts are here to help make sense of it all and create a strategy that is tailored to your company’s unique position. 

Contact us today for a free new gTLD strategy session or visit  our new gTLD page for more information. 

Web & Email Forwarding

We provide free web and email forwarding for domain names that use our nameservers.

Web forwarding is a tool that helps:

  • increase web traffic
  • drive online business by allowing you to direct traffic from defensive domain names to active corporate websites.

Email forwarding is a tool that simplifies the management of multiple email addresses. For example, if the domain name is registered, emails to can be directed to a master or central email address ( 

Internationalized Domain Names

Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are domain names not written with the 26 letters of the Latin Alphabet. The majority of IDN extensions are in Chinese, Japanese, Russian (Cyrillic), Arabic, Hebrew and Hindi.

IDNs have seen great growth over the last couple years yet they are often misunderstood or completely ignored by trademark owners. Lexsynergy is fluent in IDNs and will help you understand how they might fit into your company’s domain strategy.

Lexsynergy is fluent in IDNs and will help you understand how they might fit into your company's domain strategy. 

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