New Extensions

The domain name landscape is changing with the introduction of new extensions such as .shop, .london, .app and .africa to rival existing extensions such as .com and .net.

These new extensions bring new opportunities but also new threats to trademark owners. Lexsynergy has been at the forefront of these new extension by participating in hundreds of extension launches over the past few years. We will navigate you through this historical expansion of the Internet by preparing a new gTLD registration strategy, securing registrations and blocks for your trademarks.

Launch Calendar

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The Sunrise is a trademark priority period during which a trademark owner can apply to register a domain name that matches its verified registered trademark.

After the close of the Sunrise period, the new gTLD will be opened to the public for the Landrush and General Availability registration periods. 

In order to take advantage of the Sunrise period a trademark must be validated with the Trademark Clearinghouse ("TMCH"). 

Trademark Clearinghouse and Sunrise Phase

The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is a central repository service that verifies, stores and communicates trademark information relating to the launch of new extensions.

In order to qualify for the Sunrise Period trademark owners must have a validated trademark with the TMCH.

Lexsynergy has, as an ICANN accredited registrar and TMCH agent, developed an online tool to streamline the submission of trademarks to the TMCH, supported by a team of experts who will pre-verify each trademark.

Download the TMCH brochure

If you need assistance understanding the TMCH and applying for a domain name during a Sunrise give us a call or email




International Domain Names

Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are domain names not written with the 26 letters of the Latin Alphabet such as Chinese, Japanese and Cyrillic.

IDN have seen great growth over the last couple years yet they are often misunderstood or completely ignored by trademark owners. 

Lexsynergy is fluent in IDNs and will help you understand how they might fit into your company’s domain strategy.

Domains Protected Marks List 

The Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) is operated by two registries (Donuts and Minds + Machines) who manage over 250 new extensions such as .business, .email and .services.

The DPML enables trademark owners to block third parties from registering their trademarks as a domain in the extensions managed by these two registries. 

A DPML block is a cost effective solution to protect your brand within a significant portion of new extensions. 

Download the DPML brochure



Mark Validation System

The MVS is the service used to validate trade marks for the purpose of securing domain names in the Sunrise period for .Africa, .Joburg, .Durban and .Capetown.

The MVS includes a watch service that will notify a trade mark owner when a domain name that matches or includes its trade mark is registered within the .Africa, .Joburg, .Durban and .Captetown extensions.

To participate in the Sunrise for other new gTLDs the trade mark must be submitted to the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). 



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