Until today Insurers were only permitted to register .insurance domains that correspond to their legal name or branding (e.g., trademark, trade name, service mark). fTLD Registry, the .insurance registry, is now making a select group of previously reserved common phrase, ‘Generic’ domains, available for registration via auction to Insurers who carry corresponding product(s) or service(s).

The domains that will be made available via auction are:


The full details about the auction including the schedule, process, and instructions can be found HERE.

Important Dates

  • February 7th: Last day to submit a Verification Application for the Selection Phase
  • March 4th: Last day to submit a Verification Application for new bidders in the Allocation Phase
  • March 18th: Last day to submit bids
  • March 19th: Domains are allocated to winning bidders

Important Highlights

  • Bidders must meet fTLD’s Organization (Registrant) Eligibility Requirements accessible HERE.
  • Bidders must provide and/or distribute an insurance product or service associated with the domain (e.g., bidders must provide and/or distribute marine insurance to participate in the auction for Marine.INSURANCE).
  • fTLD will pre-verify and authorize eligible bidders to participate in the auction, on a per-domain basis; pre-verify applications must include only auction name(s) for this Process.
  • Allocated domains must be used (i.e., resolve to an fTLD-compliant .INSURANCE website) within six (6) months of the registration date.

If you are interested in participating in an auction or have any questions, please email support@lexsynergy.com.