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.PW Launch

.PW is the Top Level Domain (TLD) assigned to the Republic of Palau, which has been repurposed for individuals and businesses and will be known as ‘.pw - the Professional Web’.

Millions of individuals and businesses are turning to the internet to establish a professional online presence. .PW is focused on providing this audience with first-choice names.

Relevance to Trademark Owners

Over the past few years many countries have repositioned their TLD to take advantage of the international market, .PW falls within this sphere of TLDs. 

The generic nature of .PW makes it a potential squatting target. To limit this threat trademark owners should implement a defensive .PW domain registration strategy, securing domains that are identical to its core trademarks during the Sunrise Phase.

The Sunrise Phase has a unique rule that allows a trademark owner to register a domain that is a common misspelling (typosquatting) or abbreviation of a validated trademark. For example, Burger King could apply for “bergerking.pw” and “bking.pw”. If you have filed a domain complaint to recover a typosquatted domain it would be advisable to secure those during the Sunrise Phase. The cost of a defensive registration is substantially less than the costs incurred in recovering a domain.

Launch Dates

.PW will launch in three phases:

Phase 1: Sunrise (3 December 2012 – 15 February 2013)
Phase 2: Landrush (18 February 2013 – 18 March 2013)
Phase 3: General Availability (25 March 2013 – onwards)

Click here for the prices and summary of each phase.

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