HTTPS or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) creates a secure encrypted connection between a web server and a browser to ensure information exchanged between a website and visitor (i.e. passwords, personal data, credit card/banking information, etc.) is not readable by others.

When a domain name is accompanied by an SSL certificate, the exchange of data is more secure through the use of encryption. Lexsynergy offers a wide variety of SSL certificates to give your website an extra layer of security. If you have questions about SSL certificates or are not sure which type of certificate is right for your website, contact us at

SSL Certificates

  • Extended Validation -  the domain and applicant are validated

  • Organization Validation -  in addition to validating the domain, it reassures that the organization exists as a legal entity

  • Domain Validation -  the identification of the owner is verified by comparing the information on the Whois with the applicant information in real time.

  • Wildcard -  protects all subdomains under a single domain.

  • Multidomain -  allows multiple domains and sub-domains with a single certificate, provided they have the same owner in the whois

  • SGC -  certificate with 128-bit encryption that works even in older browsers that do not support 128/256 bits encryption.

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