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About .FO

.fo is the country code TLD (cctld) for the Faroe Islands.

Country: Faroe Islands

Region: Europe

Status: Taking registrations for GA.

General Remarks

Reserved Domain Names

Some domain names are reserved names; these are names which are ineligible for registration due to ICANN restrictions or Registry Operator designation. Certain Domain names have been classified as Premium and will be sold at higher prices. If you wish to apply for a Premium domain name, please email to process your application.

General Capabilities

Setting Detail
Type Unrestricted
Supports Internationalisation (IDN) Yes
Supports DNSSEC No
Supports Backorders Yes
Supports Privacy Yes
Supports API Access Yes
Supports Dispute Resolution Yes
Subject to ICANN Guidelines No
Maximum Registration Period 1 year

Registration Details - Unrestricted

An application for a domain name shall be assigned to Group A Domain Names, if supported by documentation from the various public registries referreed to in article 4, or assigned to Group B
Domain Names and placed on a waiting list, pursaunt to article 5.

Article 4. Group A Domain Names

1. To prove that the applicant has a legal right to a Group A domain name, upon application supporting documentation shall be submitted from the authorities listed in sub-paragraph a) through
c) warranting.

a) the brand name, trademark or service mark of the applicant by an international validated trade mark register such as the Danish Patent and Trademark Office, and for example The
Trade Marks and Designs, Registration Office of the European Union (OHIM) or World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

b) the name of the applicant by the Faroese Business Registration Office or the Faroeses Ship Registry maintained by the Maritime Affairs Administration;

c) the personal name of the applicant by the National Resident Register in such manner as both forename(s) and last name are written out or in such a manner that either the forename or the
last name is abbreviated. The applicant may register as well his or her birth date using either numbers, letters or a combination of both.

Article 5. Group B Domain Names

1. Applications for Group B Domain Names do not require warranting documentation. Group B Domain Names shall be placed on a waiting list on the NIC.FO webpage,, and shall be
maintained on the list for at period of thirty days from the date when application is done.

2. The Group B Domain Name Waiting List shall be available to the public during the waiting period via the NIC.FO website,, and annonced in the Faroese media.

3. During the waiting time, other applicants may submit an application for a domain name on the waiting list if the applicant can demonstrate that the name was registered pursuant to article 4 before
the application was made 4. Individuals may register either their forename(s) or last name as a Group B Domain Name.

5. If no one els submits an application for a Group B domain name that is registered on the waiting list during the waiting period pursuant to articles 3 or 4, the applicant shall be granted the right to
use the domain name.

6. The applicant for an additional fee (see the chart undir article 13) may receive temporary permission during the waiting period to use a domain name listed on the waiting list. In the event
that no one else has submitted an application for the domain name on the waiting list pursuant to article 3 for which temporary permission hed been granted, the first applicant shall be granted the right to use the domain name.

Article 7. Foreign Brand Names 

1. Natural persons or legal entities that are not registered in the Faroe Islands may only register brand names, trademarks or service marks that are registered according to article 4.1, a
2. Those that wish to register a domain name that is similar to or that refers or alludes to a brand name to which they themselves do not have the legal right and that is registered in the name of another shall demonstrate that he or she has permission to use the brand name or trademark in this manner from the holder of the legal right (see article 4.1).

Setting Detail
Registration Wait Time Instant
Requires Local Presence No
Maximum Registration Period 1 year
Refund Grace Period 0 days
Nameserver Limits No limit

Transfer Details

Setting Detail
Supports Transfer Yes
Supports Transfer Passwords No
Requires Transfer Passwords Yes


Action/Phase Price
General Availability $170.00
Transfer †* $170.00
Renewal $170.00
Sunrise †‡ $170.00
Landrush †‡ $170.00
Registrant Update $170.00
Nameserver Change $20.40

does not apply to premium domains

may not include first year of registration

* may not include renewal


The above information is provided by registry operators and/or other third parties and may change without further notice. Prior to relying on the aforesaid information, we recommend seeking confirmation by emailing