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About .AU

The .au direct extension will launch on the 24th of March 2022, providing more choice for your Australian presence, as well as the opportunity to register a shorter domain.


Instead of using a domain such as (third-level domain), you will be able to register (second-level domain). The and .au will complement each other and form part of a defensive registration strategy.


Registrants must have a local presence in Australia. This includes registered businesses, organizations, citizens, and residents.


Registrants may choose any .au domain they want as long as it:

a) is available to be registered,
b) meets the syntax requirements, and
c) does not appear on the Reserved Names list, as set out in the Licensing Rules.


.AU is different to the other Australian namespaces which are intended for specific use, such as:

  • au and for commercial entities;
  • au for not-for-profits; or
  • au for educational institutions.

Those namespaces have eligibility rules restricting which entities can register domains and how the name needs to relate to a registrant or their organisation.


Registering new .au direct domain

From 24 March 2022, you will be able to register new .au direct names on a first-come, first-served basis provided the matching name is not registered in any other .au namespace e.g., etc.


Registering the exact match of an existing .au domain you own (Priority Application Period)

There will be a six-month-long Priority Application Period, to provide an opportunity for existing registrants of third-level (,, and domains to apply for their matching .au domain. The allocation of domains during the Priority Application Period will be based on the following:


One Eligible Registrant
If you are the only eligible registrant in the Priority Allocation Period, your .au direct domain will be allocated to you.


Multiple Eligible Registrants
If there are multiple registrants eligible to apply during the Priority Allocation Period for the same .au direct domain (e.g. you own and another registrant owns, the allocation will be determined according to the priority category of the eligible applicants.

Category 1 - Domain names with a creation date on or before the date of 4 February 2018

Category 2 - Domain names with a creation date after 4 February 2018


Based on these categories, the allocation will be based on the following scenarios:


Scenario 1 - There are Category 1 and Category 2 applicants: The Category 1 applicants have priority over Category 2 applicants


Scenario 2 - There are multiple Category 1 applicants: Category 1 applicants must agree on the allocation, otherwise, the domain will remain unallocated


Scenario 3 - There are only Category 2 applicants: The domain is allocated to the applicant whose domain has the earliest creation date

Country: Australia

Region: Asia

Status: Taking registrations for GA.

Related TLDs

Eligibility Requirements

Anyone with a legal, local connection to Australia is eligible to register a .au direct name. This includes the following:
  1. an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident visa holder;
  2. an Australian company registered under the Corporations Act 2001;
  3. a registrable Australian body or a foreign company under the Corporations Act 2001 which has an Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN);
  4. an entity issued with an Australian Business Number under the A New Tax System (Australian Business Number) Act 1999;
  5. a Registered Organisation that is: (a) an association of employers; (b) an association of employees (union); or (c) an enterprise association; registered under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 and which appears on the Register of Organisations;

General Remarks

Reserved Domain Names

Some domain names are reserved names; these are names which are ineligible for registration due to ICANN restrictions or Registry Operator designation. Certain Domain names have been classified as Premium and will be sold at higher prices. If you wish to apply for a Premium domain name, please email [email protected] to process your application.


General Capabilities

Setting Detail
Type Restricted
Supports Internationalisation (IDN) No
Supports DNSSEC No
Supports Backorders No
Supports Privacy No
Supports API Access Yes
Supports Dispute Resolution Yes
Subject to ICANN Guidelines No
Maximum Registration Period 1 year

Registration Details - Restricted

Setting Detail
Registration Wait Time Delayed
Requires Local Presence Yes
Local Presence Requirement Same Country
Maximum Registration Period 1 year
Refund Grace Period 0 days
Nameserver Limits No limit

Transfer Details

Setting Detail
Supports Transfer Yes
Requires Transfer Passwords Yes
Transfer Mode Transfer Only


Action/Phase Price
General Availability $65.45
Renewal $65.45
Sunrise †‡ $65.45
Landrush †‡ $65.45
Registrant Update $117.30

does not apply to premium domains

contact your account manager for phase-based pricing

* may not include renewal


The above information is provided by registry operators and/or other third parties and may change without further notice. Prior to relying on the aforesaid information, we recommend seeking confirmation by emailing [email protected].