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Open From 25 April '17

About .eco

.eco is a new namespace for businesses, individuals, not-for-profits and governmental/educational institutions that are committed to a respectful, responsible and sustainable use of the environment.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Categories


Members of the .eco Organization – during the creation of a .eco profile, all .eco registrants will be offered free membership in the .eco Organization. According to its bylaws, membership in the .eco Organization is open to entities and natural persons that are committed to a respectful, responsible and sustainable use of the environment.


Not-for-profit mission-based organizations, that work for the good of the planet – this includes a) not-for-profit environmental organizations that affirm and can provide proof on request of their environmental mission/purpose and their legal status; OR, b) accreditation as such by United Nations agencies.


Businesses committed to providing products and services that encourage positive environmental change – These for-profit businesses must be able to provide proof on request of the following: a) Membership in environmental organizations and initiatives including i) organizations that fall under the categories in 2(a) or 2(b); OR, ii) The United Nations Global Compact; OR, iii) other memberships approved by the .eco Organization. b) Accreditation by voluntary environmental certifications, standards and reporting systems of: i) Organizations that fall und rethe categories in 2(a) or 2(b); or ii) UN member states, national and sub-national governmental bodies and entities; or iii) The International Organization for Standardization; or iv) Other certification, standards and reporting systems by the .eco Organization.


Government bodies that support sustainability through programs, infrastructure and funding amongst other policies and actions – governments, including environment-related departments and initiatives of UN member states, national and sub-national governmental bodies and UN bodies.


People who participate in and support environmental change through membership, financial support or donating their time, as well as environmental professionals who contribute to positive environmental change through their work – this includes natural persons that: a) Affirm and can provide proof on request of membership of, financial support for, volunteer time for, or accreditation by organizations within categories 2(a) or 2(b); or, b) Are holders of certified environmental professional qualifications approved by the .eco Organization; or, c) Are academics or scientists employed by or affiliated with recognized universities.


Farms and other producers of agricultural products that achieve EU organic production and labeling standards – any entity providing evidence of full compliance with the requirements of European Union Regulation (EC) No 834/20071.

General Remarks

To activate a .eco domain name (i.e. have the registry status changed from “Server Hold” to “Delegated”), the .eco registrant or someone duly authorized by the .eco registrant must complete the following two steps within the .eco domain name’s Eco Profile:

1)      Affirm the eligibility of the .eco registrant

2)      Take a pledge to show their commitment to uphold the purpose and principles of .eco: “I/we pledge to support positive change for the plant and to be honest when sharing information on their environmental actions.”

More details about the eligibility requirements and .eco profile can be found HERE

Domain Name Cancellation

.eco domain names that have been on “Server Hold” status for longer than twelve months may be subject to cancellation by the registry. Registrants of such domain names will be given at least thirty day and ten day notices by email requesting them to activate the .eco domain name before cancellation takes effect.

Reserved Domain Names

Some domain names are reserved names; these are names which are ineligible for registration due to ICANN restrictions or Registry Operator designation. Certain Domain names have been classified as Premium and will be sold at higher prices. If you wish to apply for a Premium domain name, please email to process your application.

Registration Information

Registration Periods 1 - 10 years
Renewal Periods 1 - 10 years
Backorder Supported
Local Presence Not Required
WHOIS Privacy Supported
Supports IDN Yes