Cost $1,750.00 /yr
Open From 08 September '15

About .lotto

.Lotto is the domain name extension reserved exclusively for official, state-sanctioned lotteries around the world, creating an Internet namespace that users can trust globally for legitimate Lottery gaming and information. Restrictions have been put in place to ensure .LOTTO domains are issued only to approved entities.

Registration of .LOTTO web addresses is restricted to approximately 250 lotteries and affiliates that are members of approved standards bodies.

Eligibility Requirements

All applicants have to be members of approved lottery associations around the globe, i.e.:


the WLA, NASPL, EL, ALA, CIBELAE and ALA and APLA; and/or


other international lottery associations representing at least 5 State Lotteries: and/or


Lotteries licensed by the state to operate lottery games in the concerned jurisdiction and each of them located and operating in different jurisdictions or States.


In addition, the Registrant must be classified within one or more of the following categories: 1) Lottery Operator - Eligible Registrants must be licensed or authorized to conduct lotteries by a jurisdiction domiciled in a state recognized by the United Nations or 2) Suppliers of Goods and Services to the Lottery Industry - Eligible Registrants are organizations that supply goods or services to the lottery industry and are a member of an Approved Standards Body

General Remarks

Application Process

The Registrant must provide following two pieces of information to register a .lotto domain name:

  • An Alphanumeric verification ID provided by Afilias
  • A fifth “Membership” Contact in addition to the Registrant, Admin, Technical and Billing contacts already required.
Reserved Domain Names

Some domain names are reserved names; these are names which are ineligible for registration due to ICANN restrictions or Registry Operator designation. Certain Domain names have been classified as Premium and will be sold at higher prices. If you wish to apply for a Premium domain name, please email to process your application.

Registration Information

Registration Periods 1 year
Renewal Periods 1 - 10 years
Backorder Not Supported
Local Presence Not Required
WHOIS Privacy Supported
Supports IDN No
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